The importance of being earnest social class essay

Algernons flat, the two meet and display what appears to be their usual daily activities. Lady Bracknell has usurped the traditionally masculinity role of dominating the household and granting permission for Gwendolen to marry Algernon. This indicates that she has her own perspective on how marriage should be and also that her perspective is quite irregular. Wildes conception of deceit as an accepted custom in English aristocracy is also existent in this scene. Neither is employed, and it is apparent that their only occupation is the pursuit of leisure activities and social matters, subjects of major importance to them. It is a primary force motivation the plot and a reoccurring subject up for debate. He believes that it is something good and would only enhance the love. Through the two relationships of Ernest(Jack) and Gwendolyn and Ernest(Algy) and Cecily, Wilde conveys the notion that love of such kinds is entirely arbitrary, and relationships are based on deceit. Wilde uses this to continuously make fun of women to the extent where feminists would argue that he is misogynist. The suggestion here is that Jack and Algernon find the society they live in restrictive. The humour in the play makes social status, marriage and money as a measure of personal worth look spurious and nonsensical. Earlier in the scene, when Ernest(Jack) announces his intention of proposing to Gwendolyn, Algernon does not congratulate him, rather he denounces the entire institution. Jack and Algernon are characters who lie in order to be Ernest, but in doing so they are not being earnest. Wilde presents the females of the play in a stereotypical manner. Both spend the day making visits to others in their social sphere, as Algy and Jack do, holding these visits with utmost importance. Men were valued for their intellect and judgment, while women were seen to be attractive to men for their beauty and chastity which is known as aesthetics. Neither displays any notion of an appreciation for money. She provides humour to the audience by her absurd behaviour. Throughout the course of the play, Wilde portrays each of the main characters in a way that reflects his views of the English aristocracy. What else should bring anyone anywhere? After certain flirting rituals, Cecily admits to Algy that she loves him for his name, Ernest, and his image of being wicked. To escape their responsibilities and fulfil their own needs Jack and Algernon have to lie and deceive. Even though Lady Bracknell is married, it is obvious that the two women are merely female counterparts of Algy and Jack. This idea is substantiated when Lady Bracknell re-enters and informs Ernest of some preliminary qualifications that he must meet before being engaged to Gwendolyn. The plays crucial themes are the triviality with which it treats institutions as serious as marriage, and the satire of the Victorian system and their strong beliefs at the time.

Algeron and Ernest are characterized by their extravagance. A luxury affordable only because of the money accrued from family inheritance. In fact, despite being from an aristocratic family who are wealthy enough to ensure Gwendolen to be admired and desired by all types discursive of males despite how she looks. The story takes place in late Victorian England. Ask our professional writer, act 1 page 7, wilde shows that Gwendolen. Jack and Algernon have a dual identity. Still earns for attention from Jack. The plot is based around the desires of two young upper class write men to marry two young upper class ladies.

The importance of being earnest social class essay

I thought you had come up for psychology pleasure. Algernon asks if marriage is demoralizing and he replies. For example Wilde portrays Cecily and Gwendolen as love sick to the point where they are manipulated by the men they are in love with but are still quick to forgive them. Although Lane is not allowed to speak much of his feelings or opinions. These observations include the prevalent utilization of deceit in everyday affairs. In fact, this same factor also serves to illuminate the major points that Wilde tries to convey about the English society in which he lived. At Ernests announcement of the proposal. Sir, i think this shows how the class difference has an impact on love and marriage as well.

When Algernon inquires as to the purpose of Ernests visit to town, Ernest replies, Oh pleasure, pleasure!She believes in love and in marriage in a different way than the other characters.When Ernest finally does propose to Gwendolyn, he first must proceed through established flirting rituals followed by a formal proposal.

Cecily sums up the main theme in the play when she says to Algernon.

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The, importance of, being Earnest is a comedy of manners that is used to parody social aspects of a Victorian society.

Wilde does this by incorporating farcical elements that would appear ludicrous to an audience and satirises Victorian social norms and values.
This essay investigates how far The, importance of, being Earnest reflects this view on life.
Oscar Wilde subtitled his play A Trivial Comedy for Serious People.

The play is a comedy of manners satirising the attitudes and behaviour of the upper classes.
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