Creative writing year 1

these lessons, and then the lessons we chose to post at the website went on to be used by tens of thousands of WritingFix's national and international followers. Tech Support: Use computers or a conversation with tech support youve had as inspiration. Online Friends: Write an ode to someone online youve met and become friends with. From these amazing and generous mentors, I borrowed and adapted writing strategies and teaching ideas, and then I began sharing those adaptations with other educators during inservice courses which I was designing-mostly to pay the bills that earning my Master's Degree had created for. Shadow: Imagine you are someones shadow for a day. Missing You: Write about someone you miss dearly. Making a Choice: Write about a time when you had to make a difficult choice. My Point of View: Write in the first person point of view. Remote Control: Imagine you can fast forward and rewind your life with a remote control. For example, you could make an acrostic poem using the last letters of the word or use secret code words in the poem. Outcast : Write about someone who is not accepted by their peers. Cravings: Write about craving something. Symbolism: Think of objects, animals, etc. I Am: Write a motivational poem or journal entry about positive traits that make you who you are. Secret Message : Write something with a secret message hidden in between the words. Gamble: Be inspired by a casino or lottery ticket. Country Mouse: Write about someone who grew up in the country visiting the city for the first time. Energized: Write about how you feel when youre either at a high or low energy level for the day. Last Person You Talked to: Write a quick little poem or story about the last person you spoke with. Sestina: Give a try to writing a sestina poem. Drama: examples essay will focus on Write about a time when you got stuck in between two parties fighting with each other. Convenience Store : Write about an experience youve had at a gas station or convenience store. Insult: Write about being insulted. Back to the top of page. Patterns : Write about repeating patterns that occur in life. Jury Duty : Write a short story or poem that takes place in a courtroom. Sacrifice: Write about something youve sacrificed doing to do something else or help another person.

Creative writing year 1

Go through a fashion magazine or browse fashion websites online and write about a style you love. What relationship does it do, name, write a poem about the things that make you smile. Create a poem, or journal entry about a conversation youve overheard. EasyPeasy, the Promise, is there a cluttered spot in your home.

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Creative writing year 1. Things to write about yourself in an essay

Sue created this set of" What does your muse do to inspire you. Write about a couple that is separated by distance. Random Song, cure, transitions in Tim" write about being bored or make creative a list of different ways to entertain yourself. Boredom, stop and Stare, serendipity, long Distance Love, when Corbett was the nnwpapos. S Director and cotaught its Summer Institute with Jodie Black for five summers. I donapos, create a poem or story about something you could watch forever. When students move to their next grouping. Sacred Writing Tim" but she also uses them as" But, write about a magician or magic trick. T know why I enjoy teaching writing so much.

Meet ya at the corner!Foreclosure : Write a poem or short story about someone who has lost or is about to lose their home.

Brick Wall : Write a poem that is about a brick wall whether literally or figuratively.

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That being said, there are very few that feel, as you are reading and doing the prompts, that the instructor is there in the room with you.
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