A strong leader essay

personality will not be respected by his followers for very long. The later is leadership by force without the consent and sympathy of the followers. Next to taking interest in the other persons activities and looking at things from his angle, motivation can be brought about by the first impression you make on him. He assertively works towards the goal but never gets pushy for. Intemperance: What is Intemperance? However, a true great leader doesnt do this on their ownthey encourage others to get involved in the process. Doing More : One of the penalties of leadership is the necessity of willingness, upon the part of the leader, to do more than he requires of his followers. We remember them for their charm and charisma or maybe we remember the way they presented themselves. A Police Officer has to be attentive always while he is at work as his duty is to control crime and provide safety to the people. What is more, the smile has a way of influencing your mental attitude. Encourage him to speak about himself. Advertisements: Mental Strength, some people have a misconception that only those people who are physically strong can become good leaders, but this is not the fact. Certain traits of a good leader were listed by the researchers as: intelligence, extraversion, and adjustment, openness to experience, general self-efficacy and conscientiousness. By, purnima Padmasna, leader elaborate and Edited by Users, leadership Attributes. It is rest to the weary, daylight to the discouraged, sunshine to the sad and natures best antidote for trouble. Learn about their hobbies, preferences, likes and dislikes. He will go the extra mile to gain a better understanding of you as a person. The other thing that people respect is knowledge. Be an enthusiastic and encouraging listener and pay strong rapt attention to what other say. To have great leadership, there needs to be a leader -follower relationship. Prove to the them.

Not all followers can become leaders. Sponsor This, you must spell the name and initials correctly and include the full decoration. The political leader of a county should a strong leader essay be most intelligent as the security of not only few people but of the whole nation depends in him in one way or the other. Whatever it may be, inc, be sympathetic and treat others as you would like to be treated by them. Essay, thus, they take responsibility for achieving their goal. You will find that the other individual also has identical wants and aspirations.

A great leader is always willing to go the extra mile to do something great and they inspire others to do the same.A great leader inevitably holds some amount of power.An empathetic leader will not make snap decisions on information he hears for the first time.

Leadership calls for power, if you are selfish and try to essays project only your own requirements. He just thinks about himself and his life. Everyone wants his leader to be effective. Various theories since years have been formulated by psychologists to explain the traits of a leader. Active, this is the type of leader. He is contented to see the honors.

Broadly speaking, on one hand  it is no disgrace to be a follower and on the other hand, it is nor credit to remain a follower for very long.

He will always gain knowledge of the parties involved and call upon them to gain a clarification of the situation.
Another important quality of being a great leader is integrity.
The possession of firm principals ensures that you will make the most responsible decisions and do what you truly think is best.

Having integrity means a person is honest, trustworthy, reliable, loyal and honorable.
Essay on Abraham Lincoln: a, great Leader 878 Words 4 Pages Abraham Lincoln was a man of humble beginnings who, though self-taught, rose to greatness through the many leadership qualities that he possessed.
A leader may not be physically strong but he needs to be mentally strong and firm in decisions.

For example, Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation was the greatest leader but he was active and had a firm desire to serve the Nation.
Another theory suggests that great events lead an ordinary individual to emerge as a leader.
Then there is a third theory which emphasises that leadership is a transformation or a process.