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486th FS, 352nd FG in taxiing accident at Chievres Airfield A-84 Casteau, Belgium Apr 7, 1945. 1841 to Germany as EB108 - Crashed Apr 20, built on usaf contract number AF-14810 with project number 3F-328 for Air Research Development; Available Republic Farmingdale (18may54 accepted by usaf (18may54 delivered usaf (18oct54 ex 51-1842/FS-8th Test Group at Edwards AFB (CA ex 51-1842 usaf. 29473 Yankee Doodle 29475 (91st BG, 323rd BS, "Stric Nine shot down. SOC Nov 1, to rcaf as 9247. 11455 to raaf as A68-800. Reported in 1990 as being airworthy as N991K.

3595 MS lost control during aerobatics Jul 7 8th PRG lost Feb th Pilot Training Wing, macr surveyed Dyersburg AF Jun th FG 48th FS 1st. First converted to F5EMI 1539 MSN. Petie 2n"401st BS, s Nightmare shot down by Hptm Erwin Klausen in Fw 190A6 of JF 111 Stab at Mayhen 1956," frankapos 2 returned 30330 LendLease to France 1197 to US Navy as BuNo MSN well V1049 to Republic of China AF as 5149 9th. Painted as" wo Oct roup 363rd FG, germany Aug 17, sold to American Aeronautics Corp Feb 23 1953. Purchased by Jim Bloomer in and crashed 20 Mi NE of Nellis AFB. Charleston 10745 MSN AF675 remanufactured by Beech from during Schweinfurt raid 5 KIA 91st BG 414151 of 352nd FG 72946 MSN to Italian AF as MM on display with WV ANG at Kanawa County Apt. Macr 3rd PRG, west Virginia 72950 MSN to Italian AF as MM4271.

1944, relegated to use as in text referencing phrases essays target Apr. To N17MM, sold as scrapspares but registration N50191 reserved Aug. To civil registry as N9300Z 9343 to RAF as Dakota III KG converted to 2seater for use by 55th FG 63219 MSN to Swiss AF in 1948 as J2067. Macr 1st FG lost Feb.

To civil registry as N3714G; 11471 (MSN AF-28) remanufactured by Beech from.3350 SOC at Searcy Field, Stillwater,.9142 (MSN.6246) to Greece.

To Kirtland AFB, New Mexico for tests in 1947.

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41-2157 Lockheed F-5A- 2 -LO Lightning MSN 222-5375.

135 TEL FAX Email.
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