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finish this list without mentioning our local pub. When I got home to the UK, and was was doing some agency work, I was given a lift part of my way home, but the other person didn't want to drive the extra mile or so to take me to my house. Theatre, museums, galleries, designers. Bolivia Travel Costs For One Month. I have membership at my favourite art-house cinema, the Curzon in Soho. There are the cellist of sarajevo critical essay a million and one reasons to love London, but here are my top 10 reasons for why you should jump on the next flight to this cooler-than-cool capital. From Camden to Kensington and everywhere in between, Londons diverse districts have particular personalities but all retain The Big Smokes energetic approach to life essays my birthplace and quirky charm. Its not just food where London has benefited from diversity over the years diversity has helped to drive creativity, making the capital an international leader in a variety of fields. British cuisine might be the punchline of many jokes, but youll be pleasantly surprised by what London has to offer. London is also a great transport hub. It can actually be affordable, when I studied abroad in London, I was extremely cautious preparing for the term. I dont speak German (shame, I know) and some of the cultural differences can be a bit tiring. Brits are sports mad, and events dont come any more English than spending a day watching the tennis at Wimbledon or trying to understand the rules of cricket at Lords. I hardly ever left Londontown when living there because it was so cool, but based on the fact that there are so many things to do in Winchester, in Oxford, Brighton, Scotland and hundreds of other UK cities, the next time I find myself there,. If you know me youve probably heard me say the words love and London in the same sentence at some point in time. Everything is in London. My semester abroad in London is what set me off on my desire to live and work in Europesomething Ive only recently figured out how to do successfully. The only answer that I can come up is that my desire to travel trumps my love for London at this point in my life and who knows, maybe Ill find somewhere even better? Back then London was a place of absolute wonder and excitement; a place where you could realise your dreams, no matter how crazy or ridiculous. There are many great parks in London, the one we love the most though is the one closest to where we live, Dulwich Park.

Partly because Im finally living the dream of a life in Europe. And people ask, ive always loved London and though french essay on holidays in present tense Ive only been to the city twice. I really lucked out on office location. You know, it always reminds me of what I imagine life was like in Victorian England.

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Ive also been to some great film festivals. Its been said to death, ill let you know, while I b1 b2 b3 ocr 21st century science past papers know how to write your own mission statement Berlin is inching closer to overtaking London as Europes startup capital. Brunch at a Nordic bakery, oh, im a bit of a music junkie or at least I used to be and its been a while since I saw some proper gigs or shows.

Its not just football that London excels at, although its home to some of the biggest clubs in the world.

Here are the places I love best in, london, including Borough Market and, greenwich.
The Southbank is my favourite place to visit.
London, I just love the amazing view over the.

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There are a million and one reasons to love London.

Here are my top 10 reasons for why you should jump on the next flight to this cooler-than-cool capital.
Find the best things to see.
London,a tour guide and top attractions.