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Talmudic law. This could have resulted due to the fact that those in Israel (the Jews) were more nomadic and moving than those of Rome who were more stable and bound to their home communities. When things go wrong, people turn to God for hope and understanding. Judaism Christianity and Judaism are two Abrahamic theologies that have comparable origins, but have various beliefs, practices and teachings. Comparing Judaism and Christianity we notice another difference. They would say that God became a human being in the person of Jesus Christ. Christianity believes in the future second coming of Jesus. He was human according to Judaism. Jews do not look for an afterlife as a reward ofdesire, the reward for a good life is the pleasure it law gives God, and the rightness of doing ones duty and living a holy life in his ways. He was first known as the Father of Jews, yet farther down the line is affiliated all the way until the birth of Jesus, who too was a Jew. The Oxford dictionary defines Christianity as The religion based on the person and teachings of Jesus Christ, or its beliefs and practices. Christianity is broken down into Catholicism, Orthodoxy and Protestantism. However, Judaism and Christianity differ in the sense of how they were spread throughout this time. When it comes to Biblical books, Judaism does not accept the sacred texts as Old Testament. Interesting fact is that Christianity originated from Judaism. It, of course, rejects the notion that Jesus or any other living being could be God. Though they seem similar in their teachings, there is a difference between Christianity and Judaism. Those positively judged will be saved and live in God's presence in heaven, those who are negatively judged will be cast to eternal hell. Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies of a messiah according to Christianity. The three major branches in Judaism are Orthodoxy, Conservatives and Reformation. 14 million people classify themselves as Jewish worldwide today. The ideas of Christianity were spread more through missionary work and through men known as apostles while the ideas of Judaism were spread by more word of mouth and stories. Christian also believe that there is a judgment after death, and that Christ will return to judge the living and dead. Both religions believe that there is one god who is almighty, all-knowing, ubiquitous, eternal, and infinite.

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Origin was similarboth believing that their religion originated from judaism a man named Abraham. They would not accept that Jesus was God personified. The son and the holy spirit. Judaism essay does not believe that Jesus was the messiah.

In short it can be essay said that Christianity says that Jesus was God between in the flesh. In this essay I will be talking about the similarities and differences of Christianity and Judaism through their beliefs and teachings. The three main differences between Jewish and Christianity is the concept of God.

Christians refer to the Biblical books about Jesus as the.Show More, people are in search of understanding life and the happenings that surround them.Christianity had many apostles such as Paul who reached out to others.

The Christian view of judgment states that every human is a sinner, and that nothing but being saved by God's grace can change the damnatory sentence to salvation.

Both Christianity and Judaism believe in some form of judgment.
The Christian view of judgment states that every human is a sinner, and that nothing but being saved.
Christianity There are varieties of religions in the world.

Islam and Christianity has over one billion followers and counting.
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In looking at the similarities and differences between the religions of Judaism and Christianity in Israel and Rome throughout Period 2, comparison of the religions include the areas.

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Christianity broke from Judaism, forming a new religion, so it is confusing, however comfortable the thought might be, to believe that the two religions are essentially the same, or to see Christianity as the continuation.