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and body. Participation in sports makes us active, healthy, fit, and also the development of our social and communication skills. Participating in sports helps us to tackle the problems such as hardships, hurdles, and sudden miseries etc. Not encouraging your children to participate in sports activities can make them inactive and grumpy as they turn into adults. Sports remove our mental exhaustion. The sports person who does well in sports is showered with name, fame and wealth. Sports are integral part of education. Prizes are awarded to the winners by the Principal, Chief Guest and other honoured invitees. They contribute in the formation of character. Participating in various games and sports develop animals a feeling of sporting spirit. As an illustration, the writer might base the sports essay on the rules governing a specific sport. Sometimes, you win, and sometimes you lose. Sports develop a sense of friendliness.

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However, sports are particularly important for the ganesh youth. Activities like football are effective in nurturing physical health. Active people are seen leading comparatively healthier lives. Advertisements, etc, some require two participants while others involve larger groups or more individuals. For instance, rather there are several different physical activities that one can take part. If you make your career in sports it will also provide you respect which would be worldwide. While people who do not take part in sports are often seen fighting with ailments in their adulthood. In addition to developing good interaction skills. The students who perform well in this competition are promoted to play at the national and international level.

Sports and games are very important for.They keep us healthy and fit.They offer us a change from the monotony of daily life.

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About a decade ago, education without sports is incomplete, one might expand the list of activities that can be categorized as sports. Therefore everyone should play sports and social games regularly to get away from their monotonous life. Children are the taught some sorts of games in the very early stage in school. They inculcate in them good values.

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It is a useful means of entertainment and physical activity.
Sports and games help in character building.

They give us energy and strength.
Sports and games are means.
It is recommended that one choose short subtopics that will interest the reader.

For a reader who is not a sports fan.
I totally agree with this essay stated.
I cant say that I dont like kids playing video games coz I was one of them but then realised importance of sports in our daily life to maintain fitness and develop a great body and even a good personality of an individual.