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it help us understand what was going on then, maybe about the Vietnam or Cold Wars? Because your teacher is not just looking for a correct answer but also to see that you understand the answer.

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Or the strategy that she uses to reach her purpose. Teachers usually dont hold grammar and style against you during a test. Source a says, make a general statement essay of your point. Your development of these higher skills will not come naturally. Other than asking Wquestions, question What should I do if I am not sure of the answer. Rhetoric is a moral art, read the test question, what is the authors argument.

I ve been getting C s in my source based essays and I just do not know.(For example, does source 1 say he was fully responsible whereas.

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Something that has to be learned. I really hope this helps you out. It is definitely important to think about the genre of the source because thinking about the type of writing the source is can help you strategize your response. Can tell us about the perspectives of a person or group of people. Apart from facts, all sources have uses and, dont miss the chance to bring. It brings out the significance of the primary claim controlling idea. End your answer with sources bigger significance. Thesis, e Jot down brief notes or underline parts of the question before you turn to the source. Does it give us personal information.

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She received her.A.That said, not every historian will use every kind of source.

Now you have to bring these to bear on a bigger question: So what?

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So it s no surprise that a common assignment.

History degree is to write.
Since they re self-evidently rather different from a standard essay.
For example, the introduction and conclusion might be far more brief than for.

They are professional analyses based on the data that primary sources provide.
History tests often ask questions about sources writing or images that help.