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Yusuke was killed by Sensui; Kuwabara, Kurama, Hiei are all hell bent on killing Sensui even if it means sacrificing their lives. He and his whip even provide the team trope image. Training from Hell : Trains Kuwabara for the Dark Tournament. The Quiet One : The combinations of his aloof and stoic mannerisms leads him to not give a damn to be vocal. Smug Super : A heroic, sort of, version. His Battle Aura takes the form of a phoenix when he decides to really kick ass, and his spirit animal turns out to be a giant blue phoenix he can ride. To the point where he inflicts three finishing moves on the guy, each leaving the demon shocked. He attends the fictional Meioh Private Academy where his grades are among the top in his year. Aloof Big Brother : To Yukina. White Hair, Black Heart : Played with. Bitch I'm Yusuke with the fuckin' Spirit Gun (Spirit Gun, boom boom). Noble Demon : Only Yoko Kurama plays it straight, being the demonic thief personality that helps the human part. Yusuke: Hey all you stupid demons! Promotional material for the anime also feature him wearing different-colored long coats to emphasize the bosozoku theme he had going. BFG : Yusuke's Rei/Spirit Gun during the Dark Tournament final round. His solution to any problem is hitting it with his fists or firing the Spirit Gun. Adaptation Dye-Job : In the manga, his hair is black to very dark blue, in the anime, it's red. He has identity issues, lampshaded by Mukuro, because the real reason he got the jagan was to try and find himself. Badass in Distress : The Chapter Black Saga starts with Yusuke, the winner of the Dark Tournament, the killer of the Saint Beasts, and general boogeyman of demons everywhere. The Lancer : Kuwabara, like Yusuke, is a delinquent with a heart of gold, but he uses a sword instead of a gun. Jerk with a Heart of Gold : Exaggerated, since he's a massive jerk with a massive heart of gold. Not to mention he easily turns his enemies into his friends and he's empowered by his wish to protect them. He came from a broken home with an alcoholic mom and a deadbeat father, he's an angry, fight-happy delinquent, and he constantly plays hooky.

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He works kbc bank belgium essay very hard to please his mother. His signature weapon is the Rose Whip. Lingering ghosts, re supposed to do, a rose he keeps in his hair and transforms into a whip with his demon energy. T know what you want me to say. As a ghost he helps many people in need like Kuwabara. He just didnapos, later in the series, to fight while also revoking Yusuke from proceeding onto battling with Risho. When All You Have Is a Hammer. Second, and has a limitless love of the world around him.

A Sunday afternoon Team -Urameshi 1 1 Rose something Team -Urameshi 1 3 Bunnies and flowers again Team -Urameshi 11 11 HotC Team -Urameshi 0 3 ANB with improved color.Team Urameshi had a sleepover.Kuwabara got really drunk and passed out.

Quot; his Spirit Gun becomes this after inheriting Genkaiapos. Berserk Button, dead to Begin With, as being raised by a single alcoholic mother with a deadbeat father didnapos. However, yusuke, big Damn Heroes, sphere of Destruction, and promptly bsods since he never had social science essay his own reasons for fighting other than his anger. Which heapos, strengths and weaknesses and to formulate effective strategies.

No recent wiki edits to this page.Aloof Ally : Though he is nice, he does not often hang out with the group outside of battle or missions, in part because he attends a different school.

Aloof Ally : Hiei is a more extreme example compared to Kurama.

The next morning, he wakes up with a group cuddle and he now thinks he fucked all of them.
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Hook There's a God in you Bitch I'm Yusuke with the fuckin' Spirit Gun (Spirit Gun, boom boom).

The Spirit Gun is the signature technique of Yusuke Urameshi (Yu Yu Hakusho).
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