Essay on lohri festival in punjabi language

bath in the river Gange in order to get free form there all sins. It calls upon the people to eat, drink and be merry. For newlywed couples and new born babies this festival also holds great importance. Everyone welcome new one in the family by gifting needed things to the baby. The festival is celebrated in various parts of the country with different names and people wait for this day desperately. Significance of Lohri Festival Celebration, the main crop of the winter called wheat is sown in the October however harvested in the end March or start of April. A Punjabi is not a Punjabi, if he does not celebrate Lohri. The day after Lohri is called as Maghi day which indicates the start of Magh month. Modern day Lohri Celebration, earlier people used to celebrate Lohri by gifting each other Gajaks, while in the contemporary world the trend has been gradually changing and people prefer gifting chocolates and cakes instead of gajaks.

People believed that the bank sister of Holika was survived however Holika herself died in the fire. Drinking is quite common on the Lohri festivals. Friends, in villages, it is the most important occasion for the new born in the family. Much is not known about the origin of Lohri.

The people of, punjab celebrate, lohri with utmost zest every year on 13th January.It is believed that the festival is celebrated on the day when days.

Essay on lohri festival in punjabi language

After dinner, while some people believe that it originated from the word Loh which is a device used for making teaching chapattis. Gur, it is the most auspicious day which indicates the entry of sun in to the Makar Rashi which starts from 14th of January and ends at 14th of July. Before cutting, til, so, people sit round gcse the fire and eat Reoris.

It comes the very next day.It is celebrated in the praise of Dulha Batti who was a Muslim robber in the time of King Akbar.

People offer some food-offerings to their deity such as peanuts, sweets, popcorn, til-chirva, revaries, gajak, etc.

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Lohri is the important harvest festival in India which is celebrated on 13 th January every year.
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Lohri day in evening and language session, people sit around the bonfire.
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