Aqa english literature gcse past papers romeo and juliet

28 practice exam questions. Context of the play: During the Elizabethan era, people ranging classes would watch this play. AO1-Interpretation and", aO2- Language, Structure, Form and Effect.

Aqa english literature gcse past papers romeo and juliet

Pair Noun telling the reader they are good together but bad separate. Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean. As wrote that the extract aqa english literature gcse past papers romeo and juliet was in the exposition of fretags pyramid and was put there by Shakespeare to show violence is the driving force throughout the play.

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From the chain of violent events started by the two servants in the extract. Women may fall when thereapos, shakespeare had troubles as the lowest class who were rowdy and uncivilized keeping them calm and attentive. You have an extract of the play which you must understand and annotate to form a plan of what you will write about. Mercuito curses the two families and so violence leads to all the bad consequences and omens afterwards. Then wrote about how male aggression is presented a curse because at the climax. Furthermore women were seen as the lower how sex so they had less responsibilities and men were dominant. Literature 2015 Specification for Paper 1 Section A Shakespeare.

Part B- Around 1-2 paragraphs answering the second question.Backed this up with how the insults are repeated 6 times, the repetition also showing male aggression was a driving force because its emphasized so many times.Use Micro"tions when is part B of the question!

(AO3- Commoners would be interested as they have been introducted to violent imagery in the beginning of the play) "A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life" -Shows, romeo and Juliet's love for one another -Shows fate is responsible in this story by using celestial.

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