Female education in india essay

not allowed to take their own decisions. Even if they send their daughters to schools, most of the girls cannot study beyond primary level due to poverty, considerable distance of the school, lack of safety in schools, etc. It also helps to put a stop to discrimination based on female gender. But still, there are people who oppose girls education because they believe that a girls sphere is at home and also they think that it is wastage of money to spend on a girls education. Educated women are less likely to be taken advantage of and less likely to contact HIV/aids. One women describes the long period of ignoring womens intellectual potentials as this depressing sense of a miserable waste of powers bestowed on us by God, and which we know we could use for the lessening of evil and the increase of the happiness. The open and honest discussion on girls education and women empowerment can actually prove to be a solution to violence against females. Educated women can, without doubt, handle her family more efficiently. Each of these roes expects some duties from her. Suggestions: Many people say that girls should not go female in for degrees. Education will not only change their way of thinking, but will also help them in improving their life and the life of their family. This could only be possible through encouraging girls education. Educated girls are working in every sphere of society such as banks, hospitals, private firms and government offices. Introduction, girl education is highly important for bringing equality in the society and infusing confidence in females. Education helps women to be more productive in her work. Has taken a very good initiative towards the girl child education through Beti Bachao Beti Padhao campaign in villages. Education also broadens the thought of the women, thus it helps in the good upbringing of her children. Gender equality plays an important role in this change of attitude. This view is wrong, because girls education can bring about a silent resolution in the society. It promotes girls education and ensures that girls do not suffer unreasonably in poor and vulnerable family due to lack of support and care. She can make each family associate accountable by imparting good qualities in children.

Education not only awakens peoples mind. They are the real builders of a happy home. An educated girl can grow up to be one such person who is mentally sound enough to take the right decisions for herself. Insecurity Girls sometimes have to face various forms of violence at the school. After marriage, the latest campaign Beti Bachao, indira Gandhi. That is the reason why parents prefer to keep their girl child at home.


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But they should not neglect their duties at the education home. However, but it is important that girls finish all necessary levels of education. Teacher, and scientist, girl Education was never considered necessary in the previous time. Education is the only weapon that can empower girls and consequently strengthen the society. Most of the parents in rural areas are now seem to be convinced in sending their girl child to school. Viswabara and Maitreya, a welleducated girl if not forced to marry in her early age. A knowledgeable female can teach her whole family and also the whole country.

Women must be educated to make a democracy successful.

Girl Education in, india is largely essential for the growth of the nation because girls can do most.
Girl education in India is still a less preferred option in rural areas.

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Female Education, complete, essay for Class 10, Class.

India depends on the all round development of female candidates.
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Women Education in India : with Special Reference to Advent.