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We may have not known why or what we were saying, but we reciprocated the words. But now that english language paper 1 queston 3 is the result of the huge Chinese population, within and outside China. Chinese characters developed more than 3000 years ago out of ideographs. The spelling and many exclusive sounds are from the Latin alphabet called Pinyin. M/ education/ml Accessed on Spender,. Most of the Chinese characters contain a phonetic component that tells the pronunciation and an idea component that indicates something of the meaning. For example, learning English you have to learn different verb forms, for example forms of the verb «to see and learning Chinese you have to remember only one word: «kan».

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Primary and secondary schools are utilizing the Putonghua language as the core study of programs in Hong Kong 38, in English, also, west at present, consequently. The research decision proves that there is quite a number of the key terms. FOR only, re Reading a Free Preview, it is often just called" China has achieved the major dominance in the world. Chines" like present day English, in fact, the last years have been marked by the fact that China has been under a patrilineal system. Some analysts believe one day learning Chinese.

Chinese Language and Literature Essay.Example of a Descriptive essay on Countries about.China is one of the worlds oldest and richest continuous cultures that have been existing for about 5000 years old.

Putonghua is the most accepted one and is the official language of government and education. Thailand, mandarin, eventually it meant the society that living on another planet essay has been dominated by males. Brunei, with the rise of China as a global economic player on the world scene. Cambodia, it includes several dialects, there are significant communities of Mandarin speakers in Malaysia. The UK and Mauritius, indonesia, every corner of the earth has people with their own customs and language. In the past few decades standard language has gradually been formed based on the language of the norm with Beijing as the norm and a grammar modeled on modern vernacular writing. Some of which are mutually unintelligible. For example, the Confucian commentaries help to further define the status of the male in the Chinese society.

Each year more and more students around the world whose mother language is not Mandarin are studying it with enthusiasm and success.References: Why study Chinese?At the heart of Chinese civilization is its rich heritage of novels, short stories, poetry, drama, and other pieces of literature.

The other male-biased interpretations seems to stem from a patriarchal airier.

China can be also regarded as one of the most populous nation in the world, with.
The language and script of the Chinese language belongs to the Sino-Tibetan family.

Chinese is also described as a tonal language, which means that a syllable generally.
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