Celtic revivals essays in modern irish literature 1880-1980

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Ireland s history of conquest and colonization, of famine and mass emigration, and of resistance, rebellion, and civil war etched its literature with a series of ruptures and revivals.Celtic revivals : Essays in, modern, irish, literature.

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Irish, gaelic, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, and Breton ; plus two recent revivals, Cornish (one of the Brythonic languages ) and Manx (one of the Goidelic languages ).
Celtic revivals from the 19th century.

Celtic, literature : A Select Bibliography (Toronto, 1974).
Risteárd de Hae, Clár Litridheacht na Nua-Ghaedhilge Catalogue.

Modern, irish, literature 3 vols.
Since that day, celtic scholarship, based on Zeuss s monumental work has made enormous strides.