Rickshaw puller essay

men penetrated the isolated mountains of bandit territory for a distance of eighty to one hundred miles. He takes the wage only after reaching. In that year Puller was assigned to the Nicaraguan National card. 1436 Words Oct 5th, 2012 6 Pages. But none of us knows fully the life or the daily life of rickshaw-puller. He pulls it with a rare kind of skill. The owner is content with it and does not bother about how much the rickshaw-puller earns. His relation with his passengers: advertisements: The rickshaw-puller carries the passenger to their destinations. He cannot work all the twenty-four hours. He knows how to pull a rickshaw well. He returned home to the United States in July 1931 and completed a year-long Company Officers Course at Fort Benning, Georgia. They have become a very common feature now-a-days. He earns very little to keep body and soul together. No matter to whom they pull, but it looks very pathetic in itself. Carrying a cycle-rickshaw is more humane than pulling a hand rickshaw. The owner of the rickshaw bears all these costs. First Lieutenant Puller, successfully led his forces into five successful battles against superior numbers of armed bandit forces.

If he can not drive his rickshaw for any reason. He understands the policesignals, but we should never underestimate his labour. In all kinds of puller weather it is seen that he is carrying the passengers. In stations, the rickshawpuller gets a license from the local body to pull a rickshaw. They killed nine men and wounded a great amount of them.

The rickshaw - puller earns a very good income.He earns about nine hundred rupees a month.

Rickshaw puller essay

But it does not seem language that rickshaw pulling will come to a complete end because it has been in existence from a long time. Pulling of human beings by a man is there a curse upon society. His life is full of sorrows and sufferings. Tea and other things in the form of packed or unpacked bundles.

Hence, rickshaw pullers must be given full support from the Government in the form of loan so that they may purchase auto-rickshaw or may start some other business thus, they will be able to earn more money by comparatively less manual labour.Rashed Nizam Posted on September 07, 2013 with 7 comments, a Rickshaw puller is quite familiar in cities and towns.The man who pulls rickshaw for money is called a Rickshaw puller.

He carries one or two passenger at a time.

But he spends away his money on wine and women, on cinema and cigarettes.
So, he keeps poor in spite of his good income.
Conclusion: The rickshaw -pullers form an important class of our society.

We should understand the hard toil of the rickshaw - puller.
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A rickshaw puller is a poor man.
He toils hard for the whole day, from morning till late night.
His life is hard.