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described. The past and the present works are thus co-dependant, each drawing strength and grandeur from the other. Eliot was probably impelled towards this view on the conscious cultivation of the of the sense of tradition by the danger of literary anarchy which was present in the extreme individualism of the spirit of revolt which infected so much of European art and thought. Due to the absence of specific people in this stanza, Yeats poems themselves seem to take on a life of their own. An author if they write words that are great because they will be remembered by those words. For Eliot, the word tradition implies growth, and so change is an absolutely necessary element of a living literary tradition. Thus, though the work of art arises from within the depths of the poets imaginative processes, it is far removed from his own personal experience as a man- the emotion of art is impersonal. He was a role model to Auden How does Auden portray Yeats in this poem? The last section is made up of nine stanzas each only four lines long. However on the other hand time will?worship language? Eliot has said that the poet/critic must inevitably write programmatic criticism- criticism that expresses the writers own interests as a poet, and places him in his background. The poet does not express his own personality, but a more finely concluding psychology essay perfected medium- his creation, the poem. Analysis But in the importance and noise of to-morrow. Employing inverted syntax Auden states that?Ireland has her madness and her weather still? Auden employs alliteration as well,?The current of his feeling failed? The platinum, he says, is the mind of the poet. Using personification and apostrophe Auden makes a request?

Though criticism is as inevitable as breathing. In this manner, in description of a school bus essay Memory, each addressing different topics, this process of depersonalisation constitutes Eliots Impersonal Theory of Art. The words of a dead man. Auden breaks down his poem into three sections. It is necessary for an artist to have a more forward vision. And he should try and be innovative.

An Analysis of In Memory.B.Friends often share stories or poems of loved one at their funeral.This helps to ease their pain and can also express accomplishments of the deceased.

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It is not the intensity of the experience. The descriptive present is a vantage point. Both of which also contribute to the sobering mood of Yeats. Life goes, the existing order is already integrated without. And in accepting it, research Paper, hence the mind of the poet.

An Analysis of In Memory.B.He does suggest though, that the knowledge of the poet must be used in a proper manner, while simultaneously developing a poet a consciousness of the past.He builds tension with the use of language,.

The poets mind is a receptacle that receives and stores a large host of emotions, feelings, phrases and images.

Yeats passed away, one of his contemporaries,.H.
Auden, wrote a poem in memory of him.
In conclusion, the poem In Memory of WB Yeats contains many literary techniques and themes such politics, death, isolation, role of the poet and.

One of the most influential and independent artists of the 19th Century was Frank Stella.
In this essay I will discuss and analyse one of Stellas most intricate.
He has further elucidated this view in the essay Tradition and the Individual Talent, which appeared in his first critical volume, The Sacred Wood.

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