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paper, known as show through. The latter is often the most overlooked of the pen-ink-paper trio, with some fountain pen enthusiasts often pouring huge sums into expensive pens and ink but using cheap copy paper. Notice how the dimensions of each larger number are half the size of the smaller number. In practice, you will have to choose a balance between a short dry time and writing smoothness. This small and simple notebook features Midori Diary paper, which is designed to give the user a pleasant writing experience. Head over to my shop and pick up a paper sample pack. That means a sheet of B5 paper is larger than A5 paper. While they aren't large enough for letters, there's plenty of room for invitations or thank-yous. That is a significant difference in cost! Many cheaper papers tend to exhibit a large amount of ink bleedthrough (sometimes across multiple sheets). Usually, the coating on the paper affects its smoothness level. There is some show through, but you can get away with writing on the back side depending on your tolerance. These ultra transfer thin pages are velvety smooth and highly resistant to bleed through.

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Midori Paper, with that being said, premium notebook contains smooth offwhite paper with just a bit of tooth thatapos. Providing a nice guideline for writing without being intrusive. One of the reasons Rhodia products have such a fan following is the sheer number of ruling or binding options available with Rhodia pads slightly more limited with Clairefontaine. Midori is probably my favorite overall paper. Notebook Fountain pens glide gracefully over the rich.

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Journals, this paper extended is perfect for those who need something lightweight. But this comes somewhat at a premium. A notepad left has loose sheets of paper you can tear out. Many highquality copy or writing papers will have relatively minimal bleedthrough. Lined Midori Color Paper Notebook Multiple 20 sec Lined Midori MD Notebook Cream 10 sec Blank. Cream 20 sec Blank Maruman Mnemosyne Notebook White 10 sec Blank. While a journal or planner can cost significantly more. Lined, the unique, or showthrough, the low level of show through is quite impressive. One of my personal favorites as an allpurpose ruling is the 5 mmruled dot pad. Most looseleaf paper and notepads come in these sizes.

In order to avoid any confusion, the most universal measurement is GSM (grams per square meter).It is available in A4 and A5 sizes and white and cream colors.In this article, Ill introduce some of the basic paper concepts, as well as make a few brand recommendations for the best paper for fountain pens.

However, feathering can be an issue for wet inks, especially with full flex nibs.

Like regular paper, fountain pen paper comes in a range of sheet styles, from lined to blank to grid.
A popular option is Rhodia's dot grid ruling where light.
Fountain pen ink also dried reasonably quickly considering the smoothness of this paper.

For those who want a luxurious writing experience,.
Most regular paper cannot handle fountain pen ink youll find it will bleed through the page if the paper is overly absorbent or too thin; it may.

So the key is to find a quality, fountain pen friendly notebook to accompany your fountain pen, or your favourite writing instrument for an excellent.
When writing with fountain pens, it's extremely important to have good ink and good paper as well.