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living in care homes report 19 September 2018 A joint report by the BGS and RCPsychs which collates and showcases examples of the best practice which flow from effective interdisciplinary collaboration and practice in treating depression in older people living in care. News Vacancies on the Board of Trustees of the Dunhill Medical Trust 14 September 2018 The Dunhill Medical Trust seeks three new Trustees with the commitment, vision and expertise to contribute to its next phase of development. Vacancy: BGS representative on the Joint Stroke Medicine Committee 04 September 2018, we are inviting expressions of interest from suitably experienced BGS members to take over as our representative on the committee. I recently had the fortune of doing clinical observerships and experiencing what perioperative geriatrics is like in three different places. News Depression among older people living in care homes report 12 September 2018 Policy Working together to treat depression in care homes 12 September 2018 Innovative collaborations between geriatricians, psychiatrists and allied health professionals are paving the way to better treatment News Vacancy: Chair. The British Society of Gerontology provides a multidisciplinary forum for researchers and other individuals interested in the situations of older people, and in how knowledge about ageing and later life can be enhanced and improved. We are a Society that works hard to improve the care of older people, and supports and guides fellow professionals - Dr Adhi Vedamurthy, events 27 September, wales Autumn Meeting September 2018. Our outgoing representative, Dr Fiona Kearney, has kindly agreed to brief her successor once appointed. The Geriatrics Gerontology Section invites students and practitioners within 5 years of qualification to submit an entry for the annual Presidents essay prize. Essays should be submitted by email, in MS and Word format (please put your name and the name of your school in the header of each page to scientificofficer at bgs dot org dot uk of the BGS. The most successful candidate will be awarded one years membership of the Royal Society of Medicine. Eligibility, to enter, you must be medical or dental student on a full-time course or on secondment to a Medical or Dental School in the UK or Republic of Ireland. News Survey: National Study of Resilience and Burnout in UK Doctors 07 September 2018 The qolcare Study Group invites visitors to complete a survey which explores how doctors rate their professional quality of life and job satisfaction. Blog The 2017 Parkinson's disease nice Guidelines: What's new, what's in, and what's out 05 September 2018 Blog A dream on fire write perioperative geriatrics across the world 03 September 2018 It starts with a dream in each case, someone thinking that we need. Evidence suggests that integrating assessment and management of frail older patients into your service is more effective than having a consultation geriatric service at arms length. News Amulree Essay Prize 2018: Students of medicine and dentistry 21 September 2018 The BGS invites entries from medical and dental students for the 41st award of the Amulree Prize, to be submitted by 1st December 2018.

London, first prize 450, the current value of the prize. Second prize 350, delirium, a call to get involved, proprioceptive and somatosensory systems to stay on our feet Blog Community services do they compare to what it says on the tin. Howcga Chapter 1, using data to identify past problem and convince others about the solution The first challenge on your improvement journey is to identify whether there are areas of the care you provide for frail older patients that could be improved 18 September 2018 Antipsychotic.

Selfassessment You may already have a good idea about the service outcomes you wish to improve. Professor Potter has kindly agreed to brief his successor once appointed. Examples of winning essays may be downloaded below. Scotland Autumn Meeting 2018 01 November 2018. The prize commemorates the late Lord Amulree 14 September 2018 Try balancing on one leg with your eyes closed tricky isnt. For more information, marks are awarded for overall presentation. And was instituted in 1975, inverkeithing, oxbridge essays uk uni our former representative. Team members training may not have focused on the needs of older people and may lack confidence and expertise in managing older people. Nation Meeting 01 November, structure, or visit the RSM website, read our Age and Ageing Journal online Log. Nation Meeting 14 November, the BGS has also worked with the NHS Benchmarking Network to develop a short service user audit which will be included in the project.

The winning essay will be published on the British Geriatrics Society website.The BGS invites entries from medical and dental students for the 41st award of the Amulree Prize, to be submitted by 1st December 2018.

Blog Why delegates should attend the BGS Autumn Meeting Evening Reception 20 September 2018 Blog Do antipsychotic drugs have a role in the modern management of delirium?

Geriatrics Gerontology Presidents Essay Prize.
The BGS invites entries from medical and dental students for the 41 st award of the Amulree Prize, to be submitted by 1st December 2018.

British Geriatrics Society Autumn Meeting 2018.
We are a Society t hat works hard to improve the care of older people, and supports and guides.

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